Conquer your fears and fight for justice with Milien Law Practice, PLLC

Compassionate And Committed Representation

When you are facing serious legal concerns that could change your life, you should have an attorney at your side whom you can trust to help you. Not all attorneys offer their clients the same level of representation, which is why it is important to ensure that the lawyer you choose is right for you.

At Milien Law Practice, PLLC, you can find a hardworking attorney who prioritizes doing the best that she can for her clients. Erna Milien uses her in-depth knowledge of the law to help her clients in Florida. She is proud to help clients of all backgrounds and is also fluent in English and Creole.

Her Experience Is Your Advantage

Attorney Milien has a long list of unique experiences that add to her qualifications as a skilled attorney. Just a few of her achievements include:

  • Membership in the Florida Bar and the Collier County Bar Association
  • Membership in the American Immigration Lawyers Association
  • Serving as the board director for the Shelter for Abused Women and Children of Naples, and as co-chair of NAACP Legal Redress Committee of Naples

Ms. Milien is an immigrant, a survivor of domestic violence, a divorcee, and a former battered women advocate. Her life experiences have taught her what is at stake in legal issues such as family law, immigration and personal injuries, and her knowledge as an attorney allows her to provide her clients with the help they deserve.

Make Your Voice Heard

Attorney Milien’s primary purpose in becoming an attorney was to help her clients make their voices heard. If you need help from an attorney who knows your struggles and knows how to help you, contact her today. Call 239-323-0944 or email her here to schedule your initial consultation at her Naples office and take the first step toward the resolution you deserve.