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Guidance Through Immigration Issues

When your family is facing immigration problems, it can be an extremely stressful time. You deserve an attorney who can not only help you succeed in your legal issues, but also reassure you and provide you with the comfort you need.

Attorney Erna Milien at Milien Law Practice, PLLC, can help you adjust your status to lawful permanent resident (LPR), fight against deportation, bring your family home and succeed in your asylum claim. She can assist in legal immigration issues including the following:

  • Extensions
  • Green cards
  • Asylum
  • Nonimmigrant visas
  • Family-based green cards
  • Deportation

For your convenience, she has several forms available for download. These forms will help you determine what kind of documentation you’ll need, and they’ll help expedite your consultation process.

“Best immigration lawyer in Naples! Erna is an exceptional human being, a warm company and an amazing lawyer, you will have her by your side on all the steps of your application and in case of any questions, she is very responsive and picks up your calls each time. I tried to adjust my status for more than 3 years and was denied. I contacted Milien Law Practice, PLLC, from start to finish the process took me 7 months and I have my 10 years Green Card. If you have a difficult case do not hesitate to hire her, you will not regret it! ”

– Marie Cadette Elvariste,
West Palm Beach Florida

Fight For Your Family

When immigration matters threaten yourself or your family, get the help you need today. Contact Milien Law Practice, PLLC, in Naples by calling 239-323-0944 or by reaching out online to schedule your initial consultation today.