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Seeking Effective Alternative Family Law Resolutions

When families opt to take their divorce matters to litigation before considering other options, they may be choosing a more difficult path for resolving their legal issues. Couples facing divorce often think of litigation as the only way to divorce, but there are other means of separation that can be beneficial for everyone.

At Milien Law Practice, PLLC, attorney Erna Milien helps Florida couples through their family law concerns through mediation. Mediation is a powerful resource in settling disputes or other legal issues and offers couples a solution they may not have realized was available.

How Mediation Can Help

As your mediator, attorney Milien acts as a neutral third party for both sides in a divorce or other family law dispute. Her goal as your mediator is to ensure that both sides remain civil, focus on the task at hand, and settle things quickly and efficiently. Spouses who choose to use mediation in their divorce often experience benefits such as:

  • Promoting effective communication
  • Creating a positive relationship that will last into the divorce
  • Allows spouses to make themselves heard in their negotiations
  • Lets both spouses create a plan together that works for everyone

Because each spouse in a divorce is working together instead of fighting in court, a divorce through mediation often takes much less time. The quicker you can settle things through mediation, the more you can save in terms of time, money and energy.

See How Mediation Can Help You

If you and your spouse are getting divorced, consider benefitting from mediation. Schedule your initial consultation today to learn more about how mediation can be the legal solution that most benefits you. Call attorney Milien at 239-323-0944 or email her Naples office here to set up your appointment and begin settling your divorce on your terms.